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COVID-19 Protective Measures employee training course

COVID-19 Operational Continuity Services

Getting back to business with COVID-19

Whether the current COVID-19 pandemic can be dealt with in the coming weeks, months or years, the effects on business can already be felt and require strategy and action to mitigate risk and reduce company liability. Businesses who act now and are agile in responding to a changing situation will have an edge over those who do not.

Key to your business recovery will be employee safety, customer protection and revised operations to support social distancing and healthy workplace.

ScaleUp Executives have global experience developing and implementing comprehensive disaster and crisis management protocols - planning, response, mitigation, and recovery.

Our professionals can provide turn-key plans to help you protect your employees, customers, vendors, and workplace.


Healthcare and related organizations that are responding to COVID-19: Please contact us about using our patented ScaleUp WorkCenter™ collaboration software for free.

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Retail Goods and Services

Coronavirus has instilled fear in customers about shopping for goods and services. This challenge can be overcome by communicating with your customers about the proactive steps you are taking to keep them safe. You will enhance customer trust and confidence with these four pillars of a COVID retail strategy - employee hygiene, social distancing, protective barriers, and personal mask wearing. ScaleUp Executives can help you with these and other strategies to reimagine your business in the time of COVID-19.

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Employee Education

The effect of novel coronavirus on your employees is insidious, creating fear and anxiety about coming to work because of hidden contagion threats. Our COVID-19 Protective Measures employee training courses teach employees on the SARS CoV2 facts and best practices to help them gain control over this threat. The certificate courses also increase workers’ trust and confidence that their employer cares about them. Customers prefer businesses where employees are trained, and certified on COVID-19 Protective Measures.

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White Paper

ScaleUp Executives COVID-19 Protective Measure

A response to a pandemic like COVID 19 is likely not covered in your business continuity plan. Request our white paper to learn what we know to date about this unpredictable and highly contagious virus, as a foundation for expanding your strategies.

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Having distributed staffs working remotely to reduce the spread of coronavirus throughout your company is challenging enough, but how you protect employees when they return to the office is of great concern to you and your employees. Employees can be fearful of coming back to work. Physical barriers are important but alone will not be enough to keep your employees healthy. To minimize employee risk and reduce company liability, we highly recommend adding Protective Measures training to educate your employees on best practices in the time of COVID-19

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Event Planning and Management

COVID-19 pandemic quarantines mean that event organizers are facing the biggest challenges of their career. First, they have to convince exhibitors that Protective Measures are in place for their booth personnel. Second, they have to help convince attendees that it’s safe to attend a large business gathering. Our professional service team can provide plans to help protect your employees, exhibitors, vendors and attendees - whether they are in your office, attending the conference or on the show floor.

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Employee & Customer Tracking

Some companies are required to track, record and report COVID-19 employee infections. For them and for businesses now required to record the personal data of customers or suppliers who have visited, and to report these details to authorities upon request, ScaleUp provides a secure reporting solution that can be rapidly adapted to suit specific needs and system integrations.

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Modeling and Simulations

Our simulation experts can model how the novel coronavirus would spread in your physical environment, and recommend how best to apply protective measures to reduce infection rates.

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Hand and Surface Disinfectants and PPE Supplies

Hand or surface disinfection supplies that meet WHO standard formulations for SARS-CoV-2, and PPE, can be difficult or impossible to procure. ScaleUp can connect you with our US and European partners that can supply disinfectants and PPE quickly at a fair price.

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