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COVID-19 Protective Measures employee training course

COVID-19 Protective Measures employee training course outline

Helping Businesses transition employees back to the workplace during COVID-19

To minimize employee risk and reduce company liability, we have developed a five course Protective Measures employee training program focused on personal hygiene, social distancing at work, mask wearing and the facts about this virus. The outcome is to educate employees on implementing protective measures that help prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout the workplace and community.

The COVID-19 Course lessons are designed to help employees feel confident and unafraid to return to work, and to help your customers feel confident that the company is diligent about providing a safe environment for employees, and is compliant with recommended public health procedures.

Our interactive video courses are provided online, either through our Learning Management System (LMS) in the cloud or in your environment. These graded lessons are available in English or Spanish. To enhance the learning experience each participant must pass a test to successfully complete each lesson.

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Custom Lessons

Do you need employee training tailored to your COVID-19 continuity plan? Our team is standing by to turn your specific content into engaging lessons.

The Protective Measures employee training course lessons:

What is COVID-19 and why is it dangerous

5 Lessons - 9:35 min

Describes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2 (or SARS CoV-2), the “germ” that causes COVID-19 disease. It explains why it is so contagious, how it spreads, some common symptoms, why the world has shut down because of it, and how to best protect each other.

Lesson 1 COVID-19 basics
Lesson 2 How contagious is COVID-19?
Lesson 3 COVID is virulent and very contagious
Lesson 4 How to know if symptoms are COVID?
Lesson 5 Why is COVID a pandemic?

How and why to wear a mask

4 Lessons - 7:40 min

Teaches about the threat and danger of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, how the virus is transmitted, and the protection a mask provides. Describes which masks are effective and the proper way to wear and care for the mask.

Lesson 1 COVID-19 Overview
Lesson 2 COVID-19 Dangers
Lesson 3 Tips to avoid spreading COVID-19
Lesson 4 Slow the spread of COVID-19

How to sanitize your hands

4 Lessons - 4:20 min

Provides detailed instructions on how to thoroughly clean and sanitize your hands rather than just quickly washing them This lesson illustrates why properly washing your hands is one of the key ways to protect yourself and your loved ones during COVID.

Lesson 1 Neutralizing Coronavirus
Lesson 2 Sanitizing at a microscopic level
Lesson 3 What does it take to sanitize?
Lesson 4 Soap or Alcohol?

Social distancing at work

5 Lessons - 10:21 min

Details basic COVID-19 contagion facts as motivation for social distancing at work and other public places. Employees learn how and why to distance themselves in various shared work areas where employees are typically exposed to contaminants.

Lesson 1 The threat of COVID-19
Lesson 2 Why social distancing at work?
Lesson 3 Keeping your distance
Lesson 4 Shared surfaces are germy
Lesson 5 Social distancing makes all the difference

Fact vs. fiction: Myth-busting COVID-19

4 Lessons - 12:50 min

When people are informed with facts they believe, they will respond intelligently. This lesson debunks the potentially harmful fictions that promise cures, remedies, treatments or offbeat preventions for COVID-19 disease.

Lesson 1 Dogs, Cats and COVID
Lesson 2 Bogus Cures for COVID
Lesson 3 Bogus Diagnosis and Cures for COVID
Lesson 4 Prevention strategies

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