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PRISM Process™

When you look at your company through a PRISM you focus your efforts and reduce your risk by knowing what your customers really need and what they are willing to pay for.

What is the PRISM Process™?

ScaleUp Executives provides its clients a unique way of looking at their business model and customer value proposition through a process we call ScaleUp PRISM (Planning, Revenue, Infrastructure, Sales/Marketing and Management).

The ScaleUp PRISM process helps businesses build out a clear path to success. In addition to minimizing risk, this process builds a library of information that becomes the foundation of your go-to-market strategy. You will be able to construct your business plan, product collateral, digital marketing ads, Website, sales scripts and more from the results.

From your investor pitch deck to your sales pitch this process allows you to focus your value proposition on the benefit to targeted customer versus talking about your features and functions, then waiting and hoping someone understands the benefits.

Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness

If you are starting up a company, it is invaluable to go through this process to validate the market opportunity, understand the competitive landscape and the ecosystem you will need to be successful. As important, you will be able to determine if you have a viable business before you spend considerable time and money.

For early stage companies, ScaleUp PRISM allows you to discover and then articulate your value. The outcome of this advanced research allows your business to fine tune its sales and marketing message to pinpoint the best prospect, business partner and/or sales channel to sell through.

On-going customers use the ScaleUp PRISM process to check assumptions, research new markets and industries for their existing products and services. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.


From startups to ongoing business, when you take the time to look through a PRISM and focus on needs of your customers, the product solutions you are offering them, and the ecosystem needed to support them… you will be more prepared and agile to enter new industries and bring new products to market to scale up your business.

PRISM Modules


This planning module focuses on both the business and product. It dives deeply into the value you believe uniquely positions your product/service and what your customers or prospects perceive you are selling. It allows you to discover what additional functionality you should include in your offer, and as important, what the market will pay for your solution.


Now that you have clearly identified your value and what clients are willing to pay for your product/service you can start building a real revenue plan. This module helps you look at different revenue stems from selling, licensing and servicing your product.

Infrastructure / Operations

The outcome of this module is to create and define a procurement process and the policies employees need to follow to eliminate costly duplication of efforts. This implementation also helps you understand what products and services you need to employ and purchase to support your near and long term growth.

Sales and Marketing

Now that you have defined your product value and identified your customer, you now can focus on your ecosystem… the sales channels and business partners that will bring your product to market. Employing this process supports your sales efforts by pinpointing your sales and marketing “Push and Pull” activities on a targeted buyer.


You rely on your team to get things done and follow your guiding principles on the way you want to conduct business. This module takes a hard look at your team. It helps you focus on what skills you will need to build out your executive, management and implementation teams.

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