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ScaleUp WorkCenter™

Empowering an Intelligent and Interconnected Workforce

Real-time Operation and Decision Support Solutions for Smarter Business, Smarter Government, Smarter Workforce.


ScaleUp Executives software empowers people and organizations to interoperate, coordinate and securely share information for more effective decision-making.

The multi-patented ScaleUp WorkCenter™ is a paradigm-shifting, rapid application development, IoT- SOA platform that transfers the building of information technology applications into the hands of the business users. This frees IT departments for more complex, mission-critical programming in support of enterprise infrastructure.

ScaleUp WorkCenter provides an easy-to-use interface for integrating mission-critical data into actionable operations to instantaneously share that information across the enterprise.

ScaleUp WorkCenter provides a central platform for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration that enables key information to be easily located, used and re-used, overcoming the limitations of cumbersome peer-to-peer solutions and data silos.

Users can configure the ScaleUp WorkCenter to mirror the way they conduct business and interoperate with disparate groups.


ScaleUp WorkCenter software has set the standard for information management requiring secure information-sharing across organizational silos.

ScaleUp WorkCenter provides users with a browser-accessible, “intelligent” platform to integrate business plans, policies, operations and information from diverse data sources into a common, role-based user interface.

ScaleUp’s easy-to-use, quick-to-configure SOA platform enables improved situational awareness across government and industry to make their everyday torrents of data actionable.

ScaleUp SmartLinks™ enable users to quickly integrate data from multiple databases and web sources (JDBC, WSDL, SOAP, KML/KMZ, JSON, XML, REST etc.) into a dynamic, relevant business process.


ScaleUp WorkCenter provides a user-configurable platform where users bring together the structured and unstructured information that they need in order to make decisions and take action to accomplish their mission.

Out of the Box:

  • User and Group Role based permission
  • Document Management
  • Tasking
  • Alerting
  • On the fly Reporting
  • Planning Modules
  • Calendar scheduling
  • GIS Mapping
  • Messaging
  • User Action Tracking
  • Discussion Boards
  • Custom Form Building

Licenses available for on-premise, or in cloud installations, or Software as a Service (SaaS).

ScaleUp WorkCenter is the preferred choice for information sharing challenges in both public and private organizations.


  • User-configurable
  • Role based access
  • SOA flexibility
  • Interoperate
  • Coordinate
  • Communicate
  • Share information
  • Integrate Operations
  • Interact with data from multiple sources
  • Alerting
  • Time-based tasking
  • On demand reporting
  • Resources connected with Operations
  • Users build their own business-specific applications


  • Bridge info silos
  • Composite overlay views of data from multiple sources
  • Synchronous and asynchronous information sharing
  • Re-use key data
  • Geo-locate resources
  • Integrate data from internal and external databases into user-configurable forms, reports
  • SmartLinks to: JDBC, WSDL, SOAP, JSON, KML/KMZ, XML, REST and other Web Services

WorkCenter™ is patented technology.

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